«He will regret his decision»: Kevin Costner’s ex-wife was caught in a hot bikini on the beach

Fans wonder how he could lose this beauty 🤔😳

Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner had been married for 19 years, then they had some disagreements and finally divorced. They share two sons and a daughter.

The children stay with their mother and recently were captured having a relax on a beach in Hawaii.

Fans were stunned by the mother’s wonderful appearance. She was wearing a spicy bikini, which highlighted her pretty figure. She looked happy and satisfied and even was captured laughing with her daughter.

People expected to see her disappointed and unhappy after her disagreements with her husband about their belongings, but on the contrary, she is doing her best to maintain her youthful appearance and look happy.

Christine decided to have a rest with her children and it’s seen that they were spending their time nicely.

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