«Carla through years!»: The results of the unsuccessful surgeries Bruni has undergone left people speechless

This is what years and countless plastic surgeries have done to actress Bruni 😳🧐

The appearance of C. Bruni in Athens drew everyone’s attention. The photos of the star soon went viral and many clearly noticed that she didn’t look the same.

Some hold the opinion that she periodically often turns to cosmetologists and beauticians for a better appearance. As a result, her face often appears to look swollen and artificial.

People even draw parallels between her and the Catwoman, can you believe?

Here are exclusive photos of her in youth when she still was a celebrated model and there was no hint of aging yet.

She is in the 1990s. Have a look!

What a beauty she was!

Here she is in 2003.

In 2006

In this photo she is 2010

Here she is now!

In one word – stunning!

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