«The 2000s’ most popular singer is unrecognizable»: Paparazzi spotted Furtado on the streets of New York

The fans hardly recognized the 2000s’ most popular singer in new paparazzi photos 😳🧐

This singer captivated the whole world with her great talent, brilliant skills, beautiful voice and professionalism. Believe it or not, her sales exceeded 40 million copies making her one of the most popular and successful singers.

Her hits «Say It Right», «Maneater» and many others are still widely listened to and adored by millions.

Despite the fact she was in the prime of her career in the 2000s, her hit songs have been introduced to younger generations and they also appreciate what she does. The recent paparazzi photos caused mixed opinions.

The way she appeared on the streets of New York let no single one stay indifferent. Her, to some extent, laid-back look with high-waisted jeans, a milky-colored crop top complemented with stylish sunglasses and a silver necklace surprised the fans.

She definitely noticed the paparazzi, happily greeted them and even posed especially for them. Her current appearance has nothing to do with her former style with a short «boyish» haircut.

Furtado, anyway, remains one of the most in-demand and successful singers of the time.


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