«Jolie’s and her brother’s passionate kiss!»: This is what the brother of the Hollywood actress looks like now

Only a few have seen Angelina Jolie’s brother who is the male version of the actress 😳🧐

Here is J. Haven who has gained fame and popularity for not only being an actor and producer, but also for being the brother of one of the world’s iconic actresses. The siblings, however, often raise questions about the depth of their bond.

For example, the siblings were caught kissing each other at the 2000 Oscars when James sincerely congratulated his talented sister. At that point, they proved the sincerity of their feelings. The kiss quickly caused controversy and criticism.

It is worth mentioning that James was there when Jolie was trying to get over the scandalous divorce from Pitt. Yet, some are more than sure that it was no one but him who led them to break up.

Despite his attractive and handsome appearance, the man has never been married and his personal life remains unknown to us.

His most recent appearance with an exhausted look let no single one stay indifferent. It was difficult to recognize the man in these paparazzi photos

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