«Before all the plastic surgeries and Botox injections»: The way the «Baywatch» star looked before her transformation has long been discussed
Believe it or not, this is how Pamela Anderson looked before all the plastic

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«Fashion has a tendency to come back»: Victoria Beckham, Blumarine and KNWL are highly inspired by the dresses of the 2000s
The dusty pink floral dress Bradshaw wore in the 2000s is again in high

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«It’s a crime to look like this at 56»: The way Mexican actress Hayek looked in a two-piece bikini on a yacht deserves special attention
Salma made a splash showing her stunning body from all the angles in vacation

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«A future supermodel»: No one could take their eyes off the charming grown-up daughter of Canadian singer Nelly Furtado
The recent photos of the grown-up daughter of singer Nelly Furtado hit the network

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«In an ultramarine satin dress at Paris Fashion Week»: The stunning look of singer Kylie Minogue in a «torn» dress impressed everyone
Kylie Minogue at 54 appeared in a vibrant blue dress proudly showing her thin

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«Try not to fall in love!»: These are exclusive archival photos of Hollywood actor Brad Pitt and the story of his path to success
Rare archival photos of Pitt from the 1980s and the story of his first

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«The X-Files» star has turned 54: This is how iconic actress Gillian Anderson well-known for her role in «The X-Files» has changed
Here is one of the most striking characters of «The X-Files» Gillian Anderson at

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«Have been inseparable for 20 years»: No one could take their eyes off British actor Christian Bale’s wife’s beauty and charm
Try not to fall in love with Christian Bale’s unearthly beautiful wife, Sandra Blazic

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«In a sparkling bustier mini dress»: 64-year-old Stone’s sophisticated look in an attractive bustier dress on «Saturday Night Live»
Stone made a splash with her look in a bustier dress which emphasized all

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«Bellatrix from Harry Potter in her first film»: Here is iconic actress Helena Bonham during her first role in the 1980s
This is how Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter looked in her first film in

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«Broke three world records»: These unique spouses are the most travelling couple according to the Guinness Book of Records
The most travelling couple broke three world records crossing 450 000 kilometers Meet Liliana

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«Breaks the anti-senior stereotype»: Model and fashionista Colleen Heidemann’s powerful response hit the network
This is how 73-year-old model and fashionista Heidemann reacted to the criticism The way

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