Do you remember John from «The Green Mile»?: This is what Duncan looked like in the last years of his life

Here is John shortly before he passed away 🥹💔

Everyone probably remembers John from the legendary movie who portrayed the character who was given the death penalty. The actor who brilliantly played the role gained fame and popularity due to his incredible talent.

In contrast to his character, the actor was interested in basketball and placed great importance on education in real life. However, the financial problems led him to give up on everything. He was raised by a single mother.

Due to his physique and height, he worked as a bodyguard and security guard to earn money and keep his family.

Few know that he co-starred with B. Willis too in «Armageddon» being also remembered for his roles in «Sin City» and «Planet of the Apes».

Sadly, he was no more in 2012 after having a heart attack which soon caused complications.

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