«What bad news!»: Richard Gere’s wife told fans something unpleasant about her husband  

Alejandra Silva spoke about the terrible incident that happened on their vacation 🧐🤔

When Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva first spoke about their romance, everyone criticized them for being inappropriate. Their age gap is 33 years, which seemed huge for fans, however they managed to create a loving family.

Everything was excellent until Richard Gere had some health problems on vacation. His health condition worsened at once, which highly upset his devoted wife.

Alejandra was the first who spoke about the case. She told fans that during their vacation her husband began to feel bad. Even she had to call an ambulance, but luckily, he was saved and continued to live happily next to his young wife.

The couple continues to enjoy life, without paying attention to criticism. They love and appreciate each other, that’s all!

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