«In a desperate pursuit of eternal youth!»: Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife’s appearance leaves everyone speechless

This is what countless plastic surgeries have done to Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife 🧐🤔

Here is Maria Shiver. Many know her as the ex-wife of legendary and praiseworthy actor Schwarzenegger. The woman chose the path of «eternal» youth and beauty turning to surgeries and beauty injections.

The reason for these iconic spouses’ divorce lied in their trust issues. The man had an affair with their housekeeper as a result of which he had an illegitimate child.

It is worth mentioning that the divorce process took about 10 years and, ultimately, the woman received 400 million dollars from his fortune. This, surprisingly, wasn’t enough for her and she also decided to divide his pension savings.

As a result of numerous surgeries and beauty injections, Maria now looks unrecognizable and has become another victim of surgery. However, her wrinkled neck actually betrays her real age.

Her experience apparently shows that natural beauty can be much better than that of gained by surgery. Some claim that she should have embraced natural aging instead.

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