«She definitely looked better!». The owner of the world’s biggest cheeks shared her archive photos, leaving followers speechless

Rare photos of blogger Anastasia before plastic surgeries 😳🧐

Blogger Anastasia always showed off her appearance after plastic surgeries. She appeared in front of her fans with transformed face. Then she became known as a girl who has the world’s biggest cheeks.

But Anastasia decided to show her natural appearance, which she had before so many procedures.

Fans were surprised to see how she looked before plastic surgeries. They expressed their opinions in the comments, saying that she looked better than now.

However, she has a large number of fans who support her with her choice.

The blogger doesn’t like the way she looked in her youth, so she deleted her old photos from social networks. Her transformed appearance is better for her.

What do you think about Anastasia? Do you like the way she looks now?

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