«A face of a skeleton and saggy skin!»: The recent public appearance of Dion caused controversy

No one believes that this skeleton-like unattractive woman is iconic singer Dion 😮😳

Apart from being a talented, successful and praiseworthy singer, C. Dion is also a style icon who has recently surprised her fans with her unsuccessfully chosen outfit. The way she appeared in public came as a great surprise for her haters too.

Many claimed that she should have chosen an outfit more carefully and find a stylist as soon as possible. The bodysuit emphasized her match-like legs and ruined her beauty.

Some even started to worry about her health issues believing that something bad happened as a result of which she lost a lot of weight together with her charm.

Those who love her and highly appreciate her great talent and professionalism are extremely worried about her health state hoping that she is actually okay and it simply was an unsuccessful outfit.

Her recent appearance became the subject of discussions though. It caused a stir letting no single one stay indifferent.

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