The cast of «Friends» 30 years later!: Here are the iconic actors and actresses of the cult series

This is what the legendary stars from «Friends» look like almost 30 years later 🤔🥹

However surprising it may seem, it has been almost 30 years since the release of this popular TV series. The legendary characters captivated millions of viewers with their humor and charisma.

Rachel portrayed by J. Aniston is now 54 and has maintained her drizzling career and stunning look over these years. She has also achieved great success in producing. She has been married a few times but hasn’t had children.

Everyone’s favorite Monica played by C. Cox is now 59. Of course, she didn’t achieve as much success as her co-star Aniston, she still has her irreplaceable place in the industry. She had a daughter in 2004 whose father is actor D. Arquette.

The actress who played Phoebe is now 60, but doesn’t look less attractive and gorgeous than the other actresses in the TV series. Lisa Kudrow is happily married and has an heir.

M. LeBlanc is now 56. He brilliantly played Joey, but didn’t achieve as much success as the female stars. What concerns his personal life, he got married in 2006 having a daughter. Later, the couple adopted two children.

Here is M. Perry who excellently portrayed Chandler in the popular series. He is now 53 and still enjoys his drizzling career heights. The prominent actor hasn’t been married, but it isn’t known whether he has children or not.

D. Schwimmer who played Ross is now 56. He has achieved great success in the entertainment industry, more specifically in directing and producing. He was previously married and has an heiress named Cleo.

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