«Won the genetic lottery!»: Here are photos of legendary stars and their children at the same age

Photos showing what iconic stars and their offspring look like at the same age 🤔🥰

The topic of genetics has long been the subject of heated discussions. It is no more a secret that offspring inherit features, qualities and uniqueness of their parents and the celebrities are not an exception at all.

Here are photos showing show business stars and their offspring at the same age. Some of them look incredibly like each other and are even called «two peas in a pod». Have a look!

D. Wayans and D. Wayans

M. Streep and M. Gummer

R. Howard and B. Dallas Howard

D. Moore and R. Willis

U. Thurman and M. Hawke

L. Thompson and Z. Deutch

C. Fisher and B. Lourder

The Kravitz family

A Jolie and Sh. Jolie-Pitt

Tom and Colin Hanks

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