«A face of a granny, double chin and wrinkled neck!»: Paparazzi spotted Lopez with no makeup and in a bikini

The fans had to double-check Lopez’s age when they saw her pics from vacation 🤔😳

J. Lopez keeps winning millions of hearts and captivating her audience despite her age. The celebrity has her own line of cosmetics and often shares useful advice with her followers concerning self-care.

Judging by the most recent photos, many network users came to the conclusion that her skin was not as perfect as it seemed in Instagram photos. She showed such age-related changes as a wrinkled neck, uneven skin and cellulite.

The opinions of the fans differed. Some still considered her ideal and stunning-looking for her age, while some were strongly dissatisfied and were quick to express their disappointment.

All in all, people realized that she was just as an ordinary woman as we all are with wrinkles, lines under the eyes and imperfect bodies. However, her hard work to maintain her charm is clearly visible.

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