«Who stole Lopez’s ex-husband’s heart?»: This is who stole the heart of Lopez’s children’s father

Here is the «Vice Miss Universe» who became the new love of Lopez’s ex-husband 🤔🧐

Here is Nadia Ferreira, the «Vice Miss Universe», who became the love of J Lo’s ex-partner. It is worth mentioning she has recently gifted the man with an heir and the baby became Mark’s 7th child.

«One of the most beautiful couples of this year!», «Lopez can’t even stand next to her!», «How has God created such a beauty?», «They perfectly complement each other».

«Nadia is prettier, but Lopez is more interesting and talented!», «I finally saw the woman who stole his heart», «How could he leave Lopez and fall in love with her?».

«I don’t know why but she somehow looks like Jolie!», «Did anyone call for an icon?», «Her beauty is divine!».

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