«What ruined the bond between the siblings?»: Here is the reason why Roberts and her brother had a quarrel

This is why the «Pretty Woman» star doesn’t communicate with her brother 🧐🤔

Here is Eric Roberts who once was a renowned and successful Hollywood actor, but, unluckily started to act in lower-quality films. This is a pity, of course, since he truly had great talent and big potential.

He was born to a family of a director and an actress. His sister Julia was an idol for him, yet they ceased to keep their tight bond after their parents broke up.

Later, he returned to Hollywood hoping that he would build a drizzling acting career then. He played some minor roles but, eventually, ended in a motorcycle accident.

His roles were of «bad roles» earning fame and popularity. He was fond of the glamorous way of life and fully enjoyed his success. Yet, his bad habits prevented him from good reputation in Hollywood.


And while Julia took an attempt to build a career in the industry, their relationship got worse and they both clearly understood that.

Eric «had to» accept any role so as not to lose his popularity.

Their relationship became even more strained when the «Pretty Woman» openly supported his ex-partner in a custody battle over their heiress.

They started to communicate even more rarely which negatively affected their bond, However, Julia always wanted their relationship to last.

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