«Crying out for help through singing!»: The strange behavior of singer Spears was explained by specialists

This is how experts explained Spears’s strange behavior who is mentally unstable 🤔🧐

For those who don’t know, the outstanding singer published a memoir where she outspokenly talked about her private life and the difficulties she experienced under the guidance of her father 13 years ago.

Her extremely strange behavior has been examined by a number of professors, doctors and experts since no single one can remain indifferent and not to notice her instability.

Dr. Drew explained that the popular singer is, of course, incredibly talented and compassionate. She is now on her way to creating an entirely new life for her. «When Britney performs, she cries out for help because she feels helpless».

It is worth mentioning that after public breakdowns in 2008, she was placed under guardianship for 13 years and now accuses her father of abusing her.

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