Exciting News: Lindsay Lohan Flaunts Her Pregnancy Glow in Stunning Makeup-Free Selfie!

Her new form suits her very well 🥰🤗

Lindsay Lohan is a well-known actress, who has recently attracted her fans with her new pregnancy figure.

Recall that she got married in 2022 and about 2 months ago she informed her fans about her pregnancy. The actress shares each life change with her fans, and this one is no exception.

Her selfie, where it’s seen her rounded belly, is very cute.

Fans spotted that she is without makeup in the photo and is modestly dressed. She is shining as usual and is very attractive even without cosmetics.

Her husband Bader Shammas is from Arab countries and the couple first met and fell in love in the Emirates. After dating for a year, they got married.

It’s seen that the couple love and respect each other a lot and they will be caring parents for their future baby.

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