«Major movie legends’ last roles»: These iconic actors have significantly contributed to world cinema with their talent

Here are Hollywood film legends who have entered the history of world cinema

Here is the last but the most praiseworthy roles of the following legendary, notable and distinguished film stars who had their great contribution to the film industry entering the history of world cinema. Their irreplaceable role can hardly be underestimated.

It stands to reason that absolutely no one could replace and play better than these cinema «giants» who dedicated themselves to the acting career and will hardly ever be forgotten. Have a look!

C. Gable «The Misfits»

C. Grant «Go, don’t run»

M. Brando «The Bear Cub»

F. Sinatra «The First Deadly Sin»

E. Presley «Change Your Face»

J. Dean «Giant»

P. Swayze «The Beast»

R. Williams «Night at the Museum: Street of the Tomb»

S. Hoffman «The Hunger Games: Mockingjay»

Have you seen any of these great films? Which one would you recommend?

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