Facundo Arana from «Wild Angel» with gray hair: The fans hardly recognized actor Arana who has noticeably aged

Everyone’s favorite Facundo Arana from «Wild Angel» has aged and is not the same

In recent photos, the fans barely recognized their favorite actor who has noticeably aged and changed beyond recognition. His hair turned gray and his face was full of wrinkles. His appearance was a big surprise for those who hadn’t seen him for long.

Besides acting, Facundo is also a talented musician and often performs in theatre as well.

Among his best-remembered projects is «Muneca Brava» where he starred in the leading role and which definitely was a success.

It is worth mentioning that he was one of the major heartthrobs in the 2000s who won the hearts of millions of girls and women with his attractiveness and charisma.

However, he is now hard to recognize and, according to some netizens, has lost his charm.

But he actually looks good, doesn’t he?

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