«Ages like good wine!»: Iconic Italian Star Shines in Simple T-Shirt

Everyone’s favorite Italian star Bellucci looks like a million dollars even in a T-shirt

It is worth mentioning that M. Bellucci has not only become one of the hottest and most talented Italian movie stars, but also one of the iconic fashion icons who has never ceased to look stunning and much better that her contemporaries.

One fact about her that might seem something unbelievable is that she has never undergone surgery and Botox. Whereas she still looks like a million dollars.

She proves to the entire world that even only with a healthy diet one can maintain his or her attractive body and say «no» to age-related changes. She is the prime example of the saying that nothing is impossible to a willing heart.

Lately, she has participated in a photo shoot dedicated to the propaganda about cancer treatment and looked genuinely magnificent.

«She is a unique beauty!», «Her beauty is a gift of God», «She has no plans to age yet!», «Her beauty is divine!», «It doesn’t matter what she is wearing. She always looks fantastic».

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