«Mother’s iconic image on her son!»: Madonna’s adopted heir recreated the iconic image of his mother in a scarlet dress 

Everyone was taken aback by the scandalous appearance of Madonna’s son in a dress

Not everyone knows that legendary and world-renowned performer Madonna adopted a boy named David many years ago. It is worth mentioning that the son of the iconic singer has learned a lot from his mother and often does experiments on his appearance.

To everyone’s great surprise, this time he recreated the cult image of his popular mother causing a stir on the network and becoming the subject of heated discussions.

Many rushed to claim that the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree and «like mother like son». Just like his famous parent, he is a great lover of bright and outrageous outfits.

It is needless to say that far not everyone appreciated the guy’s strange and extraordinary appearance. One may say that he has an uninhibited mind and doesn’t take the netizens’ opinions into consideration.

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