«Chocolate has never been so beautiful!»: Dark-skinned Khoudia Diop conquers the modeling industry with her unearthly beauty

All eyes are on this dark-skinned model who drives everyone crazy with her beauty

Meet Khoudia Diop who is on her way to conquering the modeling world with her absolutely unique appearance. The dark-skinned girl has even worked with T. Banks and Rihanna. Her amazing look never lets anyone remain indifferent.

Diop is constantly in the spotlight since no one can pass by such an unearthly beauty. She managed to achieve big success and has become one of the most actively-discussed figures in modeling.

However, the unique girl disappeared from all social media pages for a relatively long time the reason for which was her radical transformation as a result of which she became bald and, thus, put an end to her future drizzling career.

«The new Naomi Campbell is here!», «She has changed beyond recognition!», «I feel pity that her cherished dream didn’t come true», «Chocolate has never been so beautiful», «Tyra Banks of the new generation».

Do you think she will become a successful and popular model in the near future?

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