«Like a knife to the heart!»: Everyone was deeply moved by the touching words of Emma Heming addressed to her husband

Willis’s wife emotionally congratulated her husband on his birthday leaving everyone in tears

For those who still don’t know, legendary and praiseworthy actor B. Willis has been diagnosed with aphasia, frontotemporal dementia which is a rare and serious ailment. It stands to reason that his family is always by his side and openly supports the actor.

His current wife, Emma, does her best to make the man feel happy giving him precious moments that he will surely remember for a long time. Yet, Emma admits that it is sometimes hardly possible to control her feeling and pull herself together.

She shared. «As you can see by my puffy eyes and snotty nose». The woman added that it was important for her to show all the sides of the situation.

Emma is sentimental and she does not always manage to stay strong and positive-minded.

She added. «And that’s what I do. But I have moments of sadness every day».

In addition to this, Heming has been working on a touching video that she posted on her husband’s birthday that felt like a knife to her heart.  His ex-wife in her turn sincerely congratulated him presenting a candle-lit candle and a happy song.

Moore was grateful to him for everything admitting that she endlessly loves him and their family.


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