«Attention! The bikini queen is here»: The appearance of legendary model Schiffer drew everyone’s attention

No one could take their eyes off the 1990s supermodel’s perfect body in swimwear

Since the 1990s, this cult, outstanding and everyone’s favorite supermodel has never ceased to delight the entire Globe with her charming look and perfectly-shaped body. 90-60-90 still stands for her figure. Being 180 cm tall, she weighs only 60 kilos.

She has become a role model and the icon of female beauty for several generations throughout the world. The world-renowned star is not only a cult supermodel and popular actress, but also a UN Goodwill Ambassador.

Even being over 50, she possesses an amazing body and perfect measurements. Her recent look in swimwear and sunglasses quickly became the subject of heated discussions.

«Over 50, but still an icon!», «I love her with my all heart», «I can’t find words to describe how stunning you look», «She has no equals», «Claudia is one of a kind».

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