The happy celebration: 55 years of marriage became a wonderful reason for a family meeting

The love at first sight that turned into the happy marriage 

David McCallum and his wife celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary which is a really special event, especially for people working in the entertainment industry like Hollywood. At first, McCallum met Carpenter and they started dating when he was still married to another woman.

His first marriage ended after his wife named Ireland had a romantic affair with Charles Brosnan.

He also commented on the situation with his wife’s new affair saying, that he wasn’t at all mad at them and was happy that they had found their love. And also he had met his new love.

McCallum and his new wife Carpenter first met when he was already going through his divorce from Ireland. The couple considered to date not long after their first meeting, as they had fallen in love just immediately and considered to be married.

McCallum and Carpenter became good parents and had an amazing connection with their kids. They had two children named Sophie and Peter.

Many people considered McCallum’s relationships with Carpenter won’t last long, because of the circumstances under which they met.

During their first meeting and the beginning of their relationships, McCallum was still married to his ex-wife. Although they had begun the process of their divorce, but they still didn’t end their marriage at that time.

And also the pair had three children together, which made everyone feel sad for them.

But the couple kept dating without paying attention to what other people might say. McCallum officially divorced from Ireland in 1967, two years after he met with Carpenter and it was the time he proposed to her.

The couple is still in love with one another, although many fans considered their marriage won’t last long. McCallum and his wife were forced to be separated for 10 months out of every year for almost thirteen years.

And when they were asked how they were able to maintain their marriage for such a long time McCallum told, that the reason was that they had found what the other people desired and made sure they had it.

Now McCallum already has eight grandchildren, from his relationships with Ireland and Carpenter.

At the pick of his career, it was hard for him to spend much time with his family, but now as he is already old he can devote much time to his grandchildren.

McCallum also told that he didn’t like to be called grandfather.

He also told that he adored spending time with his wife, children, and grandchildren a lot.

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