«From a fat man into a macho»: The incredible transformation of Schwarzenegger’s youngest son left everyone speechless

You won’t believe your eyes when you see how the Terminator star’s son has changed

Christopher, the youngest heir of legendary actor and filmmaker A. Schwarzenegger, has recently changed beyond recognition after many years of struggling with overweight. It should be noted that Christopher will turn 25 this year.

During the birthday celebration of the eldest heir of the Terminator’s star, the paparazzi were lucky enough to catch radically changed Christopher as well who was in a gray shirt, navy-blue jobbers and sneakers feeling proud of his attractive body.

What concerns their legendary and prominent father, Schwarzenegger was in a shirt with a tropical print and stylish blue blazer. What concerns his ex-wife, she came in a midi dress and sneakers.

It was two years ago that Christopher clearly realized that it was high time to fight and get rid of the excess weight he always had. So he began to urgently take actions.

«He set a goal to be healthy for the prom. He began training and carefully selecting food. For several years, Chris lived like an ordinary college student away from school. It’s reported that he has now grown up and is capable of taking better care of himself.

While, at the same time, Christopher flatly refused to turn to crashing diets and even the slightest progress was celebrated by his father and Patrick who openly supported and constantly encouraged him.

What do you think of Christopher’s radical transformation? Did you easily recognize him?

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