«This plus-size model – an idol for millions»: Despite her non-standard appearance, model Ashley Graham attracts millions

All the eyes are on plus-size model Ashley Graham who breaks the beauty standards

Plus-size model Ashley Graham, who has recently gained fame and overall-recognition for her magnificent appearance, attractive body and self-confidence, breaks all the beauty standards and attracts millions on her way.

The popular model’s bright and eye-catching outfit on the show of the Italian brand Etro during Milan Fashion Week pleasantly surprised and appealed to millions.

It is hard to believe that the stunning, outstanding and influential model is a mother of three as she looks simply amazing and full of confidence and enthusiasm. Her stylish mini orange outfit perfectly emphasized the well-known model’s attractive body.

Her spectacular appearance in a retro miniskirt and a matching crop top with short-sleeve ensemble gave her even more charm. Graham completed her interesting image with a vibrant orange faux fur coat covering her arms.

The «cherries» on a cake were her high green velvet pumps and a yellow bag from Love Trotter.

The plus-size model’s vintage outfit was highly appreciated by all her fans without any exception.

This is how the iconic woman captioned the series of photos she has recently posted. «Fanta is the girl of your dreams».

What can you say about the extravagant outfit of the plus-size model?

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