«Life has just begun for 76-year-old Cher»: Paparazzi caught 76-year-old American singer Cher with her young boyfriend 

76-year-old Cher went on a date with her lover proudly showing her engagement ring

Iconic, incredibly talented and overall-recognized American-Armenian singer Cher has lately been spotted with her new boyfriend who is 40 years younger than the iconic performer. This literally left the fans of the legendary woman speechless.

«Even at 76 she doesn’t waste time», «The world has turned upside down», «Let her enjoy her third youth», «Are you sure he is not interested in your wealth?».

«She is not ready to accept her real age», «Cher is stuck in her 20s», «A granny has fallen in love».

«She resembles Madonna here», «How dares she!».

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