«Rest in Peace, Lance Kerwin»: The terrible news that actor Lance Kerwin passed away saddened everyone

The iconic star from «Salem’s Lot» and «James at 16» was discovered unconscious

It should be borne in mind that exactly like childhood, adulthood, death is an integral and inevitable part of everyone’s existence in this world. However, even the single thought of losing someone precious seems to be more unbearable than our own death.

Sometimes, losing a favorite actor, singer or artist may also break our hearth into pieces since they constitute an important part of our life. The sad news that prominent 62-year-old actor Lance Kerwin passed away left the fans speechless.

The eminent actor was found unconscious at San Clemente, California, on January 24. 2023.

The great man first gained fame and overall-recognition in the 1970s after his brilliant participation in such TV movies as «The Loneliest Runner» and «Salem’s Lot».

The true reason for the legendary film star’s departure hasn’t been informed yet. This is how his heiress announced her father’s passing. «I am very sorry to those we were unable to personally reach out to and inform, but Lance Kerwin died yesterday».

It goes without saying that the network users couldn’t remain indifferent and some were heartbroken after learning such tragic news.


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