«The Hollywood diva at 63 on a yacht»: Here are exclusive vacation photos of iconic actress Michelle Pfeiffer in a swimsuit

No one could take their eyes off 63-year-old Hollywood actress Pfeiffer in a swimsuit

Despite the fact this incredibly talented, charismatic and overall-recognized actress hasn’t appeared for a relatively long time, none of us may forget about such an outstanding figure in the film industry.

Recently, some new vacation photos of the Hollywood diva on a yacht as well as in her backyard have been shared on social media. It goes without saying that no single one could take their eyes off such an unreal beauty.

Meanwhile, the opinions of the netizens were again divided since to far not everyone she seemed still beautiful and attractive.

Some were delighted with the way the 63-year-old actress looks and how she has maintained her beauty, while some were left astonished seeing the Hollywood actress without an ounce of makeup.

Share your opinion about the 63-year-old Hollywood actress below! Do you think she has changed a lot?

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