«Have been inseparable for 20 years»: No one could take their eyes off British actor Christian Bale’s wife’s beauty and charm

Try not to fall in love with Christian Bale’s unearthly beautiful wife, Sandra Blazic

Once Winona Ryder chose this charming model of a Serbian origin, no one could think that she would soon become the wife of Ch. Bale. Meet Sandra Blazic, an amazing girl whom the actress introduced to her friend, Christian.

The prominent actor couldn’t get her out of his mind and soon fell madly in love. As soon as their feelings became mutual, the beautiful couple started dating and already after two months married in Las Vegas.

It is worth mentioning that they have been married for already 20 years and still look absolutely happy and harmonious. The admirable spouses have two adorable children who inherited the best from their parents.

For a relatively long time, Sandra has been her beloved husband’s manager. That’s why every time Bale is being praised, he claims that without his amazing wife he couldn’t have achieved success.

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