«Broke three world records»: These unique spouses are the most travelling couple according to the Guinness Book of Records

The most travelling couple broke three world records crossing 450 000 kilometers

Meet Liliana and Emil Schmidt who have been widely traveling since back 1984. Though the spouses are already mature enough, they still can find strength and enthusiasm to keep traveling and exploring the entire world.

However surprising it may seem, this admirable couple has entered the Guinness Book of Records three times. They first hit in 1997 traveling about 450 000 kilometers visiting 117 countries.

Then, they miraculously managed to travel 400 000 miles visiting 162 countries, however surprising it may seem. The spouses’ last record was in 2013 when they crossed 677 000 kilometers.

They are the greatest inspiration for millions proving that a man can break world records appearing in the Guinness Book at any age.

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