«Unsinkable Molly from Titanic after decades»: This is how Kathy Bates from the cult movie «Titanic» has changed

The transformation of Unsinkable Molly from «Titanic» left the fans speechless

It is worth mentioning that though K. Bates has appeared in a number of great movies, the iconic actress gained popularity due to her legendary role in «Titanic» which brought her worldwide fame. Bates was adored by millions not only for her incredible talent and brilliant acting skills, but also non-standard appearance and charisma.

Whereas, in spite of her iconic image which was sincerely loved by many, the prominent actress, anyway, determined to lose the extra weight she had. Owing to her determination, self-discipline skills and strong will power, the outstanding movie star managed to lose about 70 lb and is now hard to recognize.

The reasons for her incredible transformation were not only related to the aesthetic satisfaction, but also her poor health. As it turned out, the iconic woman was diagnosed with breast as well as ovarian cancer. As a result, losing weight significantly benefitted not only her appearance, but also health state.

What do you think about the incredible transformation of the iconic actress?

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