“Jolie with her son Knox”: One of the most iconic and charming Hollywood stars has recently been caught with her heir

The iconic Hollywood celebrity with her heir Knox drew everyone’s attention

There is no denying that the most beautiful, legendary and overall-recognized star and her heirs and heiresses are always the center of the public’s attention. It should be mentioned that Jolie is among those well-known and successful celebrities who always manage to combine her drizzling career and family life.

The outstanding star was caught by paparazzi dressed in all-in-black outfit completing her interesting outfit with elegant black sunglasses and high heels. What concerns her heir Knox, he was wearing a white T-shirt, fashionable sneakers and green sweatpants.

The iconic mother was seen carrying a bag and a cup of tea and was excitedly telling something to her son. The devoted mother and her heir looked happy.

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