“Officially Pitt’s new girlfriend!”: The paparazzi photos showing the iconic actor with his new lover caused a stir

Exclusive photos of Hollywood actor Pitt with his new 29-year-old girlfriend Ines

It should be noted that the news of the breakup of one of the world’s most legendary and beautiful couples literally left the entire world speechless. After staying alone for a relatively long time, Pitt started a relationship with a 29-year-old jewelry maker who is much younger than the Hollywood celebrity.

The couple actually met at rather difficult times for each of them since Pitt is still concerned with the case in court with Jolie and the charming woman just broke up with film star P. Wesley. According to the actor friends, they are, in fact, in a romantic relationship and were first noticed together in November.

The prominent actor’s friend claimed that they are already officially dating and it is pleasant for them to spend time with each other.

This is how the netizens reacted. “Will 30 years difference prevent them from forming a strong relationship? Who knows?”, “Being this man’s girlfriend is actually each and every girl’s cherished dream”, “Happy to see him smiling after a tragic divorce”, “When will they marry?”.

As the Hollywood star mentions, not only the girl’s charming appearance, but also her easy-going character make the actor fall in love with her.

Do you think they actually suit each other? Share your opinion!


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