“Pattinson’s first appearance with his girlfriend”: After 4 years, Pattinson and his partner announced their relationship

This is how Pattinson’s girlfriend looks whom he’s been dating for already 4 years

Recently, the iconic and legendary film star made his first appearance with his beloved girlfriend Sookie Waterhouse at a fashion event.

For the very first time in about a four-year relationship, people saw the actor’s girlfriend in public. The man proudly introduced his partner who is a model.

The beautiful couple attended Dior exhibition held in Giza and didn’t think for a second whether or not to express their affection towards each other. They sincerely smiled, constantly held each other’s hands and the photojournalists didn’t miss a chance to capture them during their long-waited appearance.

Though the couple has been in a relationship for already four years, the paparazzi weren’t fortunate enough to spot them in public and, what is more, it was the very first time they officially announced their relationship.

It is worth mentioning that there was news that Pattinson proposed her in 2020 and when the netizens saw a ring resembling an engagement ring, this news immediately spread everywhere.

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