“The world’s prettiest girl is now hard to recognize”: How the most beautiful girl on Earth has changed after years

Here is the prettiest girl on Earth after years: She became unrecognizable!

Meet Anastasia Knyazeva, an absolutely adorable Russian girl who has officially been titles “the prettiest girl in the world” and continuously won everyone’s heart with her unearthly beauty, gorgeous blue eyes and fair hair. However, when taking a look at the adorable girl’s recent photos, one hardly can recognize the former princess. Many ensured the photos of the little girl were probably retouched and this disappointed the netizens.

People are wondering how Nastya has changed beyond recognition since the grown-up girl now looks absolutely ordinary. “Anastasia has become totally unrecognizable”.

“I knew her photos were retouched”, “Used to be a charming girlie”, “Currently, she looks like a totally ordinary schoolgirl”.

Do you think she has changed beyond recognition?

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