“Still remain the conquerors of women hearts!”: These outstanding actors still charm millions with their attractiveness

Here are prominent film stars who haven’t lost their charm over time

Overall-known and legendary celebrities who were in the prime of their drizzling career decades ago have changed a great deal and their fans sometimes hardly recognize their idols. Their appearance is undergoing radical changes by causes of today’s reality as well, i.e. many of them get addicted to alcohol or even illegal drugs.

G. Clooney

Shortly after the popular television show “ER”, Clooney gained worldwide fame and popularity. Although many years have passed, the legendary actor still remains the same desirable and attractive man. Despite already being in his 60s, Clooney is still sometimes offered film roles and is happily married to Amal who is more than 20 years younger than the star.

R. Downey Jr

Though the legendary star is already 58 he seems to have no plans to age. One can admire his attractive look which hasn’t really been affected by time.

K. Reeves

Reeves is adored by millions today being one of the most prominent and demanded actors in the film industry.

J. Depp

It should be noted that the outstanding actor became overall-recognized when the great movie “A Nightmare on Elm Street” was released. It is relevant to mention that the talented man has two heirs from V. Paradis to whom he has never been married. Despite already being 59, Depp remains an icon for million.

B. Pitt

Many point out that with the passing years Pitt has become much more attractive and his brilliant performance in “Allies” brought him fame. Despite having divorced Jolie in 2016, the actor hasn’t been noticed with someone new yet.

T. Cruise

Regardless of already being in his 60s, Cruise still never ceases to delight his fans with his legendary roles and attractive appearance.

How about your impressions about them?

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