“Plastic surgeries did their job!”: Here are archival photos of stars who have undergone plastic surgeries

Before and After: Meet popular celebrities who overused plastic operations!

It is no secret that once a number of people, who desperately rush to undergo plastic surgeries for the sake of beauty and eternal youth, often become unstoppable after the very first procedure. They intend to undergo the second one, the third and so on and so forth.

Many hope that their audience and loyal fans will fail to notice the dramatic changes in their appearance. However, when looking at their archival photos, it immediately becomes obvious that they have definitely undergone some changes.

B. Spears

D. Versace

The numerous plastic operations made her look totally unrecognizable!

K. Jenner

The youthful celebrity, according to some netizens, lost her charm and uniqueness after those surgeries.

L. Dance

Though the talented singer possessed a fine appearance, she anyway determined to visit beauticians and cosmetologists.

C. Rome

For the sake of beauty, it is what she looks like now!

B. Hadid

A number of network users started to hesitate whether or not she truly deserves the title “one of the most beautiful women on Earth” once they came across her archival photos.

M. Rourke

It is actually a stereotype that only the representatives of the fair sex are likely to undergo surgeries and change beyond recognition.

C. Varnava

The charismatic TV presenter looks totally different compared to her look in archival photos.

M. Fox

It is believed that Fox is also among those who turned to artificial methods. What do you think?

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