62-year-old Sharon Stone arrogantly shows her natural loveliness, not hiding age-related transformations 

The 62-year-old Hollywood actress gratifies fans with daily updates on her account.

Today, Sharon arrogantly shows her natural loveliness, not hiding age-related transformations. Nevertheless, this was not always the case.

During one of her interviews, the Hollywood beauty accepted that Sharon did not easily come to terms with the unavoidable aging. The woman watched her natural transformations for a long time, locked herself in the bathroom, and wept for several hours. One usual day, Stone made up her mind that she would not leave the bathroom until she admitted herself “today.” Sharon locked herself in the closet with a bottle and only came out after a few hours.

Judging by the new shots, the woman managed to come to terms with her fading. As for me, Stone is charming in any form, and tiny wrinkles do not spoil her at all. What do you think?

Do you know the feeling of a Hollywood diva? How do you cope with hardships and admit yourself for who you are? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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