“Ordinary grannies”: This is how these world famous people will look in 30-40 years

Here are photos showing how these popular stars will look in 40 years

Nowadays, there are special apps available for absolutely everyone installing which we can visually try on any dress, any hairstyle and even face on us. For example, you want to cut the bang, whereas you are not really sure whether it will suit you or not. In this case, you can install an app and look at yourself with a bang and make a final decision. Or, you even can visually change the color of your hair.

Moreover, there are apps that enable us to see how we will look in the future and when we get older, or how we used to look as children. As a result, it is possible to turn 70 or more in a minute. It is really interesting, right? And now, we have selected some celebrities and changed their appearance with the help of this app.

Lindsay Lohan

Di Caprio


M. Robbie

Kim Kardashian

R. Gosling

K. Steward

B. Pitt

J. Depp

R. Witherspoon

B. Hadid

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