“Their famous fathers’ copies!”: Here are 10 successful celebrities whose daughters are the exact copies of them

These are the heiresses of well-known stars who look much like their fathers

It is strongly believed that boys mainly inherit the features and appearance of their mothers and the daughters took more of their fathers’ genes. Whereas since the nature can do magical things, we can witness the previously mentioned phenomenon or the visa versa as a result of the mixture of genes.

So, we have selected those well-known people whose charming daughters inherited their fathers’ appearance. However, their identity with their dads is, of course, not total as their mothers’ genes played a great role as well.

Sandler and his daughter who looks much like her father.

The heiress of K. West and K. Kardashian definitely inherited her father’s appearance.

The daughter of M. Jovovich is the exact copy of her father.

M. Jagger’s heiress Georgia looks like her father most. It is worth mentioning that the legendary man has eight children.

Here is L. Tyler’s heiress!

Z. Kravet’s daughter can be considered the feminine version of her famous father.

The Hollywood actor daughter Lily Rose looks much like her father about which no one can argue!

Ireland inherited her father’s genes as well and looks much like the man.

D. Moore’s and B. Willis’s daughter Rumor looks like the exact copy of her father. She inherited her dark colored hair probably from her mother.

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