These are rare photos of iconic film star and musician Celentano who has recently turned 83

Believe it or not, legendary actor Celentano is 83: Here are his rare photos

For many of us, it is rather hard to realize that our beloved Celentano who is a talented actor and legendary musician, as well as the idol for millions, has already turned 83.

His latest photographs warm his loyal fans’ hearts who simply adore the iconic artist.

And now, believe it or not, the man has recently celebrated his 83rd birthday.

Our beloved musician mainly prefers to spend his time accompanied with his precious family and only rarely delights his fans appearing in public.

Regardless of this, the paparazzi and journalists never miss a chance to catch and take interviews from legendary actor and musician.

The photos of the artist always warm hearts of millions who look forward to meeting the actor in real life.

Have you watched any films starred by him?

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