“Genes did a good job!”: These are the children of well-known actors who are the exact copies of their fathers

These children of famous movie stars are the exact copies of their fathers

Sometimes, it becomes hard to distinguish children from their parents at their age for their heirs look much alike their parents which is simply incredible. Now, we are going to show you some well-known film stars in youth and their adorable heirs and heiresses at the same age. Can you differentiate them?

The heir of Makarevich – Without thick hair, Ivan is the exact copy of his father.

Rumer’s smile immediately betrays that she is the daughter of actor Bruce Willis.

The heiress of Carrey inherited her iconic father’s eyes.

Tom and Colin Hanks. Simply incredible!

Here are Charlie Sheen and his son Martin.

Schwarzenegger and his heir. The exact copies of each other!

They look like twins! Whereas this is actually the daughter of actress Reese Witherspoon.

The family of Eastwood

What do you think? Do they really look like each other?

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