«Bow-lips, surgeries and Botox at 84!»: Fonda’s obsession with surgeries and injections is criticized by millions

Fonda, 84, had lip augmentation and beauty injections to hide the signs of aging 😱😳

Several iconic and world-renowned film stars keep maintaining their stunning appearance by taking care of themselves and even undergoing surgeries and beauty injections. Some look much younger and still as stunning as before.

J. Fonda, undeniably, is one of those whose aim is to maintain her charm and hide all the signs of aging, flaws and imperfections. Millions still admire her timeless beauty, determination and femininity that came with age.

However, her obsession with surgeries and beauty injections is often criticized by network users. Some believe her face looks artificial and that she has lost her individuality.

The 84-year-old woman’s significant contribution to the industry can hardly be overestimated. She has played such great roles that definitely entered the history.

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