«From an obese child into a stunning lady»: The incredible transformation of this overweight girl deserves special attention

Classmates made fun of her having no idea that she would become a charming lady

This little cutie used to always be mocked and laughed at by her cruel and heartless classmates. No one missed the chance to make fun of her because of her non-standard appearance and obesity.

However surprising it may seem, at the age of 8 she already weighed 84 kilos which is above the norms even for an adult. As a result, she would home in tears every single day and was literally heartbroken.

The main reason for Breanna’s obesity constituted her staple diet that mostly consisted of sweets and processed food. The family used to eat fast food quite often, but the calories, for some reason, affected only the girl.

Having no other choice, the parents turned to doctors who diagnosed her with obesity. Nutritionists strongly advised her to cut down the number of sweets she consumed. She was supposed to move, run and play much more as well as go in for sports.

From that very moment, her parents refused to buy sweets and junk food anymore since they were really concerned about their little child’s health. Breanna even started to go swimming and playing basketball.

Although the start was the hardest part and she even hated and accused her parent of not letting her eat fast food, their efforts soon paid off. She started to intensively lose weight and was no more called «a chubby one» at school.

She not only succeeded in her completing her journey to become the best version of herself, but also became a well-deserved participant in the Olympic Games.


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