«From a public toilet to a dream apartment!»: This is what a luxurious place an architect built out of a public toilet

People can’t believe their eyes when they see what this public toilet looks like now 😳🧐

There was one abandoned basement near Hyde Park, London, which was long been unnoticed and looked unkempt. It used to serve as a public toilet and shelter for stray animals and homeless people.

One architect named Laura Clark couldn’t stay indifferent towards this miserable place and started to thoroughly explore it. With her artistic mind she saw a very unique design and started to think of what to build out of that place.

She wanted to establish her own business here, yet some obstacles prevented her from doing so. She then embarked on a personal project. As a result, this dismal place for the homeless became a dream house.

Her motivation, enthusiasm and 65 000 euros definitely weren’t in vain and she, ultimately, got a fantastic result.

She inserted her individual touch and arranged her own preferences. There were already stylish cupboards in a minimalistic style, a comfortable sofa, a sophisticated coffee table and luxurious and carefully-chosen furniture.

What concerns the bathroom, an aesthetic appeal was put in it and it became a cozy place with all the facilities.

Due to the talented architect’s creativity and brilliant sense of style, this abandoned place became a luxurious flat that everyone would only dream of dwelling there.

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