«How powerful genes are!»: The unique appearance of this newborn surprised everyone but her family

Here he baby born with a white strand of hair is today 🥹🤗

Here is M. Anne Worthy whose arrival came as a surprise for everyone. The absolutely unique appearance of the newborn caused mixed reactions. She was dark-haired but with a snow-white strand of hair.

The whole thing is that her mother named Brianna had the same white strand of hair. What is more, her grandmother has the same feature just like the baby’s mother and the baby herself.

Surprisingly, the mother wanted her child to inherit the same feature, but she wasn’t sure that it would happen since her sister, for example, didn’t inherit the disorder named polyposis.

She hopes that her girl will accept herself just the way she is and will love her absolute uniqueness which seems to be a gift from God, rather than a genetic disorder.

Brianna thinks that her baby will not have any complexes and insecurities concerning her non-standard appearance in the future.

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