Living a Lifetime in a Capsule: One Woman’s Extraordinary Journey of Strength and Resilience

The girl wrote a book about her experiences because of her disease 🥲🤔

A woman named Martha Mason spent most of her life in a special capsule. Although Martha has a hard life she was grateful for everything she had.

Martha was born healthy and spent a happy childhood. She was active and adored playing outside.

When she was 11 years old she caught a disease called polio from her brother and in order not to worry her parents she kept her condition in secret.

Then she was forced to go to the hospital, as her condition became even worse and after a month spent in the hospital Martha’s muscles became very weak.

She wasn’t able to breathe or move and doctors considered putting her in a special machine called Iron Lung. It helped her breathe. She must stay inside the machine and only her head was outside.

The doctors considered she would live for a year, but she managed to live like that almost 61 years.

Martha spent her whole life in a capsule, but she was able to finish school and two good universities. She studied journalism and worked for the local newspapers.

At first, she couldn’t write her articles and her mother helped her, but then she started using the computers, that understood her voice and turn it into a written text.

And amazingly Martha was a good writer and people liked her articles. She was very friendly and was always happy and enjoyed her life.

Martha even wrote a book about her challenges because of the disease.

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