«From a skeleton to a gorgeous woman!»: This is how a reality show star who weighed only 28 kg has changed

A reality show star who weighed only 28 kg has recently shown her lush forms 😳🧐

Meet Maria Kokhno whose participation in a popular reality show brought her popularity and recognition. Believe it or not, she used to weigh only 28 kg, an astonishing fact that let no single one stay indifferent.

It was the divorce that led her to lose so much weight. The stress and depression lied behind her drastic weight loss. She suffered a lack of appetite and some days even forgot to eat at all.

Luckily, highly qualified psychologists and nutritionists helped the girl a lot and she started to gradually gain weight. They encouraged her to eat more and in a healthy way. Though she is now skinny too, she doesn’t resemble a skeleton anymore.

Maria can’t find words to express her gratitude to the experts who radically changed her life. Now, she encourages other girls to take a move and take good care of their health.

She places great importance in raising public awareness of signal signs of anorexia and how one can defeat such a terrible disease that is often underrated by our society.

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